Expertlancing offers customized solutions in all aspects related to IP creation and management. We provide end-to-end solutions encompassing IP searches and support services that can help create and strategize your IP portfolio.


Expertlancing offers various customizable solutions for technology analytics and market research to generate business insights for decision-making. Our solutions are innovative and customized to suit different requirements.


Expertlancing offers various customizable solutions for helping you to make the most out of your IP and effectively monetize your IP assets. We always emphasize deriving the maximum value and true worth of your IP.

Featured Services

Patentability Searches

Understand the likelihood of obtaining a patent on your idea and the scope of patent protection to be sought.

Invalidity / Validity Searches

Contest the validity of a patent specification in cases where the patent is asserted in a litigation


Assess if a product can be safely launched in a specific market without any risk of potential infringement

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Understand the ins and outs of a patent portfolio to assess the strengths, weaknesses, & advantages.

Competitive Intelligence

Assess your competition in various aspects related to technology and business.

Market & Business Intelligence

A thorough analysis of various factors related to the market and future business growth.

Technology Landscape

In-depth scientific analysis of a technology domain to derive actionable insights.

Patent Infringement Analysis

Detailed analysis of existing products to identify probable infringement and scope of overlap with the patent.

Claim-charts / Evidence-of-use

A well-laid out document showing the extent of overlap between claims of a patent .

Featured Expertise

  • Dedicated team of experts handling projects related to SEP-evaluation, SEP portfolio analysis, prior-art searches, etc. in various domains involving SEPs
  • Encompassing various SEP-related domains such as telecom, audio/video coding, IoT, etc.
  • In-house tool (StanVid) for efficient searching of standard-related documents
  • Average experience of SEP team: 8+ years
  • Proprietary models (PROOF) for competitive benchmarking
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies for regular and periodic competitive monitoring activity
  • Expertise in correlating business and IP strategies to present 360-degree competitive analysis
  • Multi-Dimensional Approach encompassing various perspectives – IP, market, product, etc.
  • Preferred by renowned law-firms and corporates for high-stakes litigation cases
  • 80% success rate in finding novelty-destroying prior-art
  • Unique leads-based approach to find killer art
  • Linguistic searching in 10+ native languages
  • Thorough manual analysis of each document by Subject Matter Experts
  • Customized search approach depending on the technology domain
  • Identification of closest references with legal status on the basis of technology features
  • Comprehensive search of patents of various jurisdictions including Regional Databases

About Us

The company was founded in the year 2015 by a group of IP professionals. ExpertLancing Research Services is a global leader in Intellectual Property Management and Technology Advisory Services firm based in India. ExpertLancing provides comprehensive patent portfolio management and market research services across various technology domains. The firm supports major Fortune 500 companies and global law firms in high-stake litigation and licensing matters, and smart innovation practices to best utilize IP as an asset. Our footprint expands across the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, China, Switzerland, Sweden, and Singapore.


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I have engaged ExpertLancing to support us on several licensing cases, where their team worked hand-in-hand with ours to identify the STAR patents in multiple portfolios. Their analysis has helped our team save time, while we meet difficult deadlines.

Multinational Consumer Electronics Company

I have used Expertlancing for various competitive intelligence and application scouting projects. I have been impressed by their quality and responsiveness. It’s amazing how they connect with our business objectives. I would highly recommend their services.

Global Semiconductor Company

Your effort on an extremely crunch project was really appreciable. Looking forward to work again with you.

Patent Research Firm


Your team has delivered excellent search reports one after the other. We are now confident to have you as our preferred service vendor.

Multinational Medical Device Company

We appreciate your hard work and efforts in preparing such an exhaustive search report. ExpertLancing has always been spot on in finding prior art for our litigation cases.

Law Firm

Based in New York (USA)

Thank You For your efforts on the huge IP due diligence case which was executed successfully by your time in such a short time. Your support has really been very helpful.

A leading IP Management Company

I have always liked your responsiveness and clear communication and I must congratulate you on living upto your words of great quality at the most competitive pricing.

Patent Attorney