Resolving Office Actions for a Pharma Company

Case Study October 05, 2023 nan


Our client, a leading pharmaceutical giant, faced a series of intricate office actions that posed a significant threat to the validity of their extensive patent portfolio. It was imperative to respond promptly and effectively to safeguard their intellectual property (IP) rights.


Expertlancing's team of patent experts conducted a comprehensive analysis of the office actions, meticulously identifying the specific challenges that required attention. We devised and presented detailed response strategies to our client, including compelling legal arguments and an in-depth prior art analysis. Our collaboration extended to working closely with our client's legal counsel, ensuring a seamless and cohesive response to the patent office's inquiries.

Business Impact:

Through our successful resolution of the office actions, our client retained their invaluable patents, averting potential revenue losses estimated at $5 million. Furthermore, they solidified their reputation as astute IP managers, which not only attracted new investors and partners but also led to a notable 15% increase in their overall valuation. These case studies underscore how Expertlancing's expertise and customized solutions in trademark searching, patent illustrations, and office action response not only shield our clients' intellectual property but also have a substantial and positive influence on their businesses.

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