Streamlining IP Monetization with Expertlancing's Technology Benchmarking

Case Study October 05, 2023 nan


In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, our client, a leading software development firm, faced a daunting challenge. They possessed a substantial portfolio of intellectual property (IP) assets, yet struggled to effectively monetize them. The primary issue was the lack of clarity on the true value of their IP in comparison to industry standards.


Expertlancing stepped in to provide a tailored solution. We initiated a comprehensive Technology Benchmarking analysis, meticulously assessing our client's IP against industry competitors. Our team of experienced consultants conducted an in-depth review, analyzing patent portfolios, technology trends, and market landscapes. The extra steps we took included benchmarking not only against current competitors but also against emerging disruptors in the industry. We also delved into identifying gaps in their IP portfolio, offering suggestions for potential expansion.

Business Impact:

The results were remarkable. Our client gained insights into areas where their IP outperformed competitors and where improvements were necessary. By implementing our recommendations, they strengthened their IP portfolio strategically. Revenue Impact: Within 12 months, our client experienced a 20% increase in IP licensing revenue, directly attributed to the enhanced monetization strategies based on our benchmarking insights.

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