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  • The ExpertLancing academy provides a platform for domain experts to learn various skills needed in the market such as patent searches, patent specification drafting etc. The training primarily focuses towards Intellectual Property (IP) programs for individuals, universities, institutions and organizations for providing training in practical, business and legal aspects of IP.
  • The objective is to offer employable skills and awareness of IP. In today's fast growing industry, innovation and creativity are major drivers of an economy. Therefore, protection and monetization of intellect of an individual and organization are playing a significant role in this rapidly changing market.
  • Thus, there is a need for skilled workforce in the intellectual property. To cater to that, we endeavor to provide comprehensive knowledge related to various type of IP, Indian, US and EP IP laws, filing procedures in India, US, EP and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), strategies of IP protection and more.
  • The curriculum of the courses is carefully designed by IP experts including academicians, IP attorneys, patent agents and industry professionals keeping in view the needs of the industry. The curriculum provides insight into practical applications of various types of patent searches such as patentability search, freedom to operate search, validity/invalidity search etc. The course enables the participants to perform searches independently and immediately after completion of the courses.
  • The programs are customized based on target audience and their requirements. We also have a strong relationship with institutions and universities.
  • The academy aims to be a leading centre of excellence for executive IP education & thought leadership development, and to be a world-class resource for the development of knowledge and capabilities in the protection, exploitation and management of IP.