September 30, 2023
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Part 4 | Technology Advancements, E-Cigarette


New and emerging startups are working in the domain of e-cigarette or electronic vaporizers. Judging by the potential for value creation as well as providing accelerated route to new markets and new supply chains, few have been selected as candidates for acquisition and merger.

Company Profile: Enovap is a startup formed in 2015 with the ambition of combining new technologies and scientific knowledge to serve smokers. The company has also joined forces with the National Center for Scientific Research in France to develop their artificial intelligence.
Rationale: The company has launched the first smart and connected electronic cigarette that allows the user to instantly adjust their nicotine level and quit smoking. It uses a patented technology of a double Pod system with different e-liquid concentrations. The vape can be synchronized with mobile app to track nicotine intake.

Company Profile: Vapeix, a subsidiary of Vape Tech Inc., is an R&D company and provider for the vaping industry, based in Texas.
Rationale: The company has a range of Vapeix Powered products which can be connected to a wireless host such as smartphone or computer, via cloud communication. The products also comprise the Vapeix Quad-Link interface that creates a “Hybrid” Analog & Digital conductor solution cartridge.

Company Profile: Respira Technologies is a platform device and biotechnology company with a focus on aerosol science. The aerosol devices by the company can safely deliver a broad range of pharmaceuticals and nicotine.
Rationale: Respira has been planning to get the FDA approval of its nicotine nebulizer – RespiRx device. RespiRx is similar to an e-cigarette in appearance, triggered by inhalation and can be used as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)


ENOVAP has a patent technology where electronic cigarettes allow you to choose your nicotine and create your flavor cocktails at any time for optimal satisfaction at all times.

Location – France

Technology – The use of a double Pod system for your electronic cigarette. One of the Pods contains an e-liquid with low nicotine concentration and a flavor, the other Pod contains another e-liquid with different nicotine concentration and a flavor. By controlling the evaporation ratio of e-liquids in the Pods, your Enovap delivers the nicotine concentration you ask for.

US10398171B2 – Device for adjusting an amount of an active substance inhaled by a user and communicating portable terminal.

Legal Status – Active & Granted

Range of Prodcuts:

Enovap Mini: The smallest e-cigarette that allows you choose your nicotine level and flavours instantly as well as track your consumption on your phone in a pocket size format.

Electronic Cigarettes: The smart and connected e-cigarette. Adapted to all smokers profiles, take control of the patented electronic cigarette designed in France.

Starter Kits: Do you want to have a complete and effective electronic cigarette kit to help you quit smoking? Whether you are a beginner vaper or an expert vaper, we offer high-end and customizable packs to begin your adventure with Enovap

E-Liquids: A wide range of e-liquids with and without nicotine and find fruity and classic tastes

Enovap Pods: Enovap – The plug’n play Pods allow you to put the liquid of your choice in your Enovap


VAPEIX makes electronic cigarettes and apps for connecting these electronic cigarettes.

Location – USA

Technology – Smart Vapour – Cloud Engine, Web Dashboard, Mobile Apps’s, API’s, Open-Source Hardware & More. Introducing a new heating element “Interface” which allows brands to develop or expand on a single, flexible and cohesive solution for vapor products.

Partnership –  Next Generation Labs announced a new, developing and highly anticipated partnership with Vapeix to create an unsurpassed vapor technology alliance. Leveraging the world’s most advanced embedded firmware, software and hardware, the companies will develop both closed and open system vaping devices for Next Generation Lab’s e-liquid brand customers who use TFN™ Nicotine.

Range of Prodcuts:

In collaboration with 7’s Electronic Cigarettes, as the first Vapeix Brand partner, they have worked together to create the flagship, Vapeix Powered, Pixel 1 to compliment the world-class design that the 7’s product line is known for.

7’s has a proven track record for design, sourcing and product manufacturing, thus helping to make the 1st Vapeix Powered products available within the industry, via their online retail website and distribution channels.

Plug into the Cloud – Unlock the features of the Vapeix Powered Pixel 1, with the Vapeix UpLink App for iOS or Android Compatible Smartphones and personalize your vaporizer to fit your lifestyle.


Respira Technologies is a platform device and biotechnology company focusing on aerosol science.

Location – USA

Technology – The company has developed technology for creating next generation breath activated inhaler, ultra portable and Bluetooth enabled with zero cleaning and maintenance.

Latest Development

Respira Technologies, Inc. announces Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, MD, MPH, MS as Chair of the company’s newly formed Scientific Advisory Board.

Respira Technologies, Inc. recently conducted a successful Pre-IND meeting with FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research for its proposed prescription inhalable nicotine replacement therapy.

Range of Prodcuts:

The RespiRx™ is the world’s first truly “fit-in-your-pocket” and orientation agnostic vibrating mesh nebulizer (VMN), complete with a digital metered dose interface and Bluetooth-enabled mobile app functionality. The RespiRx™ facilitates easy, efficient pharmaceutical dosing complemented by an interchangeable cartridge that requires zero cleaning or maintenance. Our design and engineering principles focused on concurrent human factors development along with product safety and effective drug delivery.

The RespiRx™ is positioned for approval as a combination medical device in the following indication areas:

  • Smoking Cessation / NRT
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Pain Medicine
  • Oncology
  • Respiratory Therapies
  • Potential INDs




Summary: the Pixel 1.0 is a cloud connected Vapeix powered vaporizer that can be used with or without a smartphone.

Features: The Pixel 1.0 can be paired with the Vapeix UpLink app for personalization. The vaporizer further has a hexagonal body shape, single motion flip lid, two charging options, and quad link compatible atomizer, among other features. [Link]


Summary: eCom-BT is an intelligent e-cigarette that can be customized by connecting the device to smartphone via bluetooth.

Features: eCom-BT has an embedded Bluetooth chip for wireless communication with a smartphone through the myVapors™ App software. The app can be used to track and record vaping data of the user. The app is compatible with both android and IOS systems. [Link]


Summary: JUUL C1 is an android connected e-cigarette which uses Bluetooth to connect with the phone and can be used to secure the device.

Features: The JUUL C1 can be paired with the JUUL app for locating or securing the device. The device further comprises a USB charging dock, and allows viewing of charge status with a tap on the device  [Link]


Summary: Smok Xcube-II is the new generation of temperature control and Bluetooth Box Mod by smoktech.

Features: The Smok Xcube-II supports Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with Android 4.3+ and IOS 7.0+ mobile systems. The mod also has a temperature control range of 200f-600f/100℃-315℃. [Link]



Summary: Enovap vaporizer is the first double-tank, smart e-cigarette that allows the user to control the level of nicotine and flavors, without changing the liquids.

Features: The e-cigarette has double pods, with a capacity of 2mL each and refillable up to 15 times. The pod can be connected to a smartphone via mobile app and can be used for personalizing a nicotine step-down program. [Link]


Summary : The Firefly 2+ uses dynamic convection technology that heats dynamically across a wide range of temperatures with

every inhalation, and zero waste.

Features : The vape is ready in 3 seconds, with fast cooldown for heating the extracts as per every breath. The vape can also be connected with the desktop or android apps for controlling the temperature (200°F to 500°F). [Link]


Summary : Era Pro is a portable vaporizer by Pax with  Bluetooth connectivity feature to connect to mobile app.

Features : The vaporizer has an instant on feature with low heat technology. The vape can be connected via tha PAX app for finding the device or locking it, among other advanced features.  [Link]


Summary: The IQ 2 is a portable dual-use vaporizer with a cooler vapor, ultimate flavor profile, and precision temperature control.

Features: IQ 2 features the clean-first technology with medical-grade components to ensure unprecedented purity and flavour. The vaporizer also has in app and on device dosage control to customize air flow, and track and report dose per draw and per session. [Link]

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