September 30, 2023
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Patent Proofreading – Let Experts Handle it

Patent Proofreading is the process that identifies the errors in the Issued Patents and is an important last step in identifying errors in the patent document that can affect its enforceability.

It is found in a study that more than 90% of the patents granted by the USPTO have errors. These errors could have negative impact on enforceability of the Patent claims, might limit the scope of the Patent or even result in abandonment of a Patent.

Patent Proofreading involves verifying the issued patent against the filed application and all amendments and thereby finding errors. Although a laborious task, its importance cannot be overlooked. It is crucial to proofread issued patents to identify missing antecedent references; incorrect status indicators; inconsistent numbering of claims or Claim dependencies; repetition of textual matter; incorrect names of inventors, attorneys or assignee; spelling mistakes; errors in drawing, or even of claims with respect to the description; or any missing amendments.

What we proofread?

  • Face Page
  • Drawings
  • Specification
  • Claims

How we proofread?

ExpertLancing assists clients in identifying errors and omissions in the issued patent that could weaken the patent claims. Our effective proofreading methodology ensures that all grammatical errors, typographical errors, and legal errors are eliminated. We perform detailed analysis of a patent’s prosecution history to identify any PTO or Applicant error, making sure that the issued patent is incorporated with all the amendments made during the patent prosecution process that has been accepted by the examiner. Our team runs through manual as well as automated checks simultaneously to ensure that a patent is free of any errors.

Key Deliverables

  • A report that identifies all of the mistakes identified during the proofreading process
  • Marked PDF copy of the Granted patent
  • Ready to file Request Letter and Certificate of Correction (CoC), if so requested

Unparalleled advantage that we offer:

  • High quality delivered through proven processes
  • Dedicated team available 24/7 with multi-tier Quality Control
  • Strict Adherence to timelines
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Substantial time-saving
  • Efficacy in terms of minimal turnaround time
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Flexibility to leverage our seasoned professionals  as a backup support for your staff or for full outsourcing
  • Reduce risk through higher accuracy and value-added alerts and reports
  • Requires minimal input from client
  • Ability for client to scale effortlessly
  • All of the work performed in-house by ExpertLancing
Authored By: Manjyot (Mandy) Kaur, Associate, Business Development 

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