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Corporate Client

  • How We Help Corporate Clients?
    • Corporate firms actively involved in research generally require our prosecution and licensing support. With our corporate clients our role is to offer support and assist their in-house counsels and M&A departments to efficiently build/protect research, buy or license patents, and manage their patent portfolio.
    • Our Aim is to help our clients in streamlining and reducing costs associated with their overall patent portfolio life cycle. We provide due-diligence to assist in decisions for acquisition, or divestiture.
    • Corporate R&D departments constantly need to identify new and developing research areas. We can help them identify gaps in a technology using white space analysis. To stay ahead of competitors, corporates use our monitoring services to keep a real-time watch on the competitor and/or the technology area of interest.
    • ExpertLancing works with clients to understand the power of their portfolio.
    • Below, our services are categorised to capture all possible invention phases for our corporate clients:
    • Research Protection: Office action, patentability, drafting, IDS
      Probable Gaps and/or Active R&D Scope Identification: Landscapes, competitor analysis, white space, state-of-the art
      Product Launch: Freedom to operate, in-Licensing
      Monetising Patents: Infringement analysis, patent/product mapping, Licensee identification
      Patent Portfolio management