Freedom to Operate/Clearence Search

Clearance search is generally conducted to determine whether the product in question is infringing valid intellectual property rights of others in a particular jurisdiction. The search is generally performed before commercializing a new product, in order to assess the risk of potential infringement by identifying blocking patents in the market.

Commercialize the product without the risk of infringement

Our aim is to act as a ‘filter’ for our clients, so as to selectively highlight the High threat patents from thousands of references. Specifically, the following points are focused on during our FTO search:

  • ExpertLancing team compares the particulars of the product under study to the claims of the identified enforced patents to provide the extent of overlap.
  • Based on our analysis, the search report includes clear demarcation of High/Medium/Low threat patent references. Hence, saving your valuable time and effort.
  • The report will also include the legal status of the shortlisted patents and patent publications.

ExpertLancing has assisted clients on FTO searches for various jurisdictions worldwide on a variety of technology domains including Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences domain. ExpertLancing has an experienced team, consisting of Bachelors, Masters and PhDs and many of our team members have a Law degree in addition to the technical degrees making them ideal for Intellectual Property related services.

2000 +

Prior Art Searches (Novelty, Invalidity and FTO)

200 +

IP Landscape Studies

10 +

Languages in 70+ jurisdictions

1000 +

Claim charts and EoU analysis

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