Information Disclosure Statement

ExpertLancing supports and assists clients in preparing an Information Disclosure Statement comprising relevant prior art references that is ready for filing at the USPTO. Under US patent law, all patent applicants are bound to disclose all known prior art references (patent as well as non-patent/product) that would be pertinent to determining the patentability of an application.

While preparing IDS, our team keeps in consideration the references from the previous patent activity by the same applicant.

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There are many stages during prosecution when the IDS could be filed:

  • At the time of filing an application or within a certain time (3 months) from the actual filing date or before the issuance of first office action,
  • Before mailing a final office action, a notice of allowance or an action that closes prosecution of the application such as an Ex parte Quayle action,
  • Before the payment of issue fee, and
  • After payment of an issue fee but before issuance.

Unparalleled Advantage we offer:-

  • Requires minimal input from client
  • Uses our customized processes for managing cross-family citation
  • Follows PTO guidelines to ensure proper e-filing
  • Customizes client-specific process, if required
  • Saves clients’ money
  • Provides quick turn-around

2000 +

Prior Art Searches (Novelty, Invalidity and FTO)

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IP Landscape Studies

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Languages in 70+ jurisdictions

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Claim charts and EoU analysis

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