Invalidation Search

A Patent Validity or Invalidity search requires extensive examination of the validity or invalidity of a patent or patent application in light of the prior art. The focus of our Invalidity or Validity search is to identify prior art references that may be used alone or in combination to challenge the validity of the claims in a patent or patent application.

  • Patent validity search determines the strength of the patent under study and can therefore, be useful for a client entering in licensing negotiations, as it can boost a patent’s commercial value in negotiations.
  • An invalidity search is conducted to invalidate a competitor’s patent.

No stone will be left unturned to find the relevant prior art (“Always on Budget & Always on Time”)

The validity/invalidity search report includes the detailed analysis and mapping of potential prior art (patent and non-patent literature), against claims of the target patent or application in the form of claim charts. Important legal aspects such as antecedent and enablement issues, non-compliance to duty of disclosure, etc. are also analyzed.

ExpertLancing Team has performed validity/invalidity patent searches in a wide gamut of areas such as Electronics, Electrical, Information Technology, Computers, Mechanical, Automobiles, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bio-chemistry.


We search for prior art from diverse sources such as – patents, published patent applications (across countries) and various non-patent literatures such as academic journals, books, product literature and other online and offline publications.

As a practice, our consultants –

  • Understanding patent claims in light of the specifications,
  • Understanding the prosecution history of the subject patent and its family members
  • Analyse file wrapper to build a sound argument to invalidate the patent
  • Prepare high definition claim charts for comparing the claims to be invalidated with the identified prior arts.
  • Conducting the search using varied searching methodologies, such as
    • Keyword,
    • Classification,
    • Citation,
    • Inventors and

2000 +

Prior Art Searches (Novelty, Invalidity and FTO)

200 +

IP Landscape Studies

10 +

Languages in 70+ jurisdictions

1000 +

Claim charts and EoU analysis

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