IP Commercialization

At Expertlancing, we have a complete suite of solutions to effectively monetize your IP assets. We can locate the goldmines in your IP portfolio and process them to derive maximum value thereby realizing the true potential of your IP assets.

Patent Portfolio Analysis – Identify high-value patents

Infringement Analysis – Identify potential targets for licensing

Claim Chart Preparation – Detailed documents for patent assertion

IP Due Diligence – Figure out the overall strength and value f your patent

Patent is ready for monetization/licensing/

Parameters for Technology Value Score

Claim scope – Do the patent claims cover a wide spectrum of technology? Do the claims cover different application areas?

Invention strength – Does the patent protect an entirely new concept or is it an incremental invention? Is it similar to any standard?

Validity strength – Can the patent withstand any invalidity assertion?

Commercial Value Score

Market relevance – What is the addressable market size and business relevancy of the patented technology?

Infringement potential – What is the scope of identifying infringers? Do major companies have products in the technology domain?

Litigation potential – Is the patent similar to recently litigated patents in the domain? Can the patent command high royalty rates?

The patent value score can reveal high-value and low-value patents in a portfolio, thereby assisting in due diligence and portfolio optimization

Methodology for Claim-Charts

Detailed Claim Charts

The detailed claim charts can be a great tool for enforcing a patent and maximizing its value.

9500 +
Patent Screened
80 +
Claim Charts
10 +
Patent Portfolios Analysed
150 +
Infringement Studies


Infringement: Doctrine of Equivalents

A patent confers exclusive rights to a patentee to prevent others from making, using, importing, offering to sale, or selling any subject matter falling within the scope of the patent claims…..