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Patent/Product mapping And Infringement Analysis

    • Patent/Product Map is an effective tool for identifying potential targets for in-licensing and out-licensing of patents. To explore out-licensing targets, products are analysed to ascertain if they infringe on clients' patent claims. When launching a product, patents can be identified based on the product feature to assist the client to take appropriate business decisions, such as, initiate design around activities, consider in-licensing options or even consider invalidating the patent in question.
    • The extent of Patent/Product Map is disclosed using Evidence of Use (EoU) for measuring the scope of infringement. These EoUs are analysed by Attorneys to prove infringement, which can prove crucial in a patent litigation. EoUs provide a textual and graphical comparison between the claims of a patent and a product, thereby indicating the extent of overlap between the two. ExpertLancing Team has vast experience in preparing EoUs for product belonging to all the major technical fields.