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Technology scouting focusses on identifying Patents OR Applications with an aim to commercialize in future. ExpertLancing team assists clients in identifying such applications from start-ups, SMEs, individual inventors, universities, R&D departments, etc. who work in the same domain. Many corporations use this strategy to outgrow their competitors.


With technology scouting, patents and applications can be identified that are strategically important for a company or needed for corporate R&D purposes. Our technology scouting service provides an overview of the whole patent market which helps to realize the market potential of the selected patents and applications. In addition, the technology scouting process is also a method for designing and compiling a patent portfolio appropriate for acquisition purposes.

ExpertLancing team has vast experience in Technology Scouting and has successfully assisted clients in major technical fields, such as, Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical engineering, Semiconductors, Software, Internet telephony, Signal processing, E-commerce, Telecommunications, Packaging industry, Home appliances, civil engineering, Machine building, Environmental engineering, Tool building, Motor vehicle technology, Clean energy, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare solutions, etc. For your reference, mentioned below is our customized process: 

  • Scout the technology developers, from start-ups, universities to multinationals, for the most promising solutions that meet industry needs
  • Rank technology providers across a range of key metrics to uncover the highest potential partners
  • Navigate the existing relationships within the innovation ecosystem to leverage or avoid
  • Identify key executives at potential innovation partners across the value chain
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