Ip Registration

IP Recordal & Data Verification

Whenever there is any change in the ownership (by way of assignment/merger/sale or any other transaction) of an IP asset, there is a need to reassign the IP rights and update the records like owner’s name, legal status, address, etc. with the local and international IP offices in a limited time. Admins/Paralegals may not only update the records but may also need to verify the data before filing the prepared documents with the PTOs.


ExpertLancing has a team of experienced paralegals to assist our clients with document preparation, based on the legal requirements of different patent offices and data verification to verify the data like ownership chain through online sources.

After filing, the filing receipt and/or official certificate as applicable is shared with the client.


  • Single channel access to jurisdictions across the globe
  • High quality delivered through proven processes
  • Cost efficiency
  • Substantial time saving
  • Efficacy in terms of minimum turnaround time
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Reduced risk of loss of IP rights

Case Study

Problem Statement

Our client, a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, acquired a larger chunk of their competitors portfolio spanning over 40 countries. The company wanted to change the assignments of the acquired patents and applications. The company wanted one point of contact for all the counsels in multiple countries to complete the formalities.


ExpertLancing was entrusted with handling the recordals of the acquired company’s portfolio.

The client provided the basic documents evidencing the acquisition and authorized ExpertLancing to communicate with the counsels in all the countries of interest. ExpertLancing began iterating with the counsels for sufficiency of the documents and advised the client how to complete the necessary documents including the power of attorney, notarization/legalization of documents, etc.

Once the documents were completed, our team confirmed the sufficiency of the documentation with each counsel prior to sending the originals for filing. This was followed by a series of iterations for filing confirmation and to ensure that the changes were accepted and recorded by the respective IP offices.

The entire project was completed on schedule and to the satisfaction of the client

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