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Market Research / Competitive Intelligence

Market research plays a crucial role in devising innovative business strategies which helps in ascertaining information about competition, technology roadmaps, and insights about the particular market.


Market research is an advanced business intelligence tune-up that employs patent & market data and guides you on factors like:

  • Identifying new technology areas,
  • Identifying Hotbeds for licensing opportunities
  • Insights about infringing products (using databases, such as, trade literature, websites, SEC filing, manuals, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Identifying untapped areas of technology

A critical application of our market research is showcased in our Competitive intelligence reports, which are focused on extracting meaningful (technical and/or business and/or legal) insights from the patents assigned to the competitor. A Competitive intelligence report provides patent insights well supported by a comprehensive business and market research. The main objective of a Competitive intelligence search is to provide:

  • Customer analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Risk prediction
  • Product strategy
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