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Patentability Searches

A patentability search focusses on identifying prior art references essential in understanding if the invention meets the requirements of novelty and non-obviousness in the light of prior art. Also, patentability search helps in determining the scope of patent protection to be sought while drafting a patent application. An effective patentability search assists a drafter to understand how to design around claims of the invention to avoid rejections.

Determine Whether to Pursue Patent Protection – Quick Knockout Search

Strengthen Your Patent Application and increase Patent grant rate using our search results

We use both private and public databases to carry out a thorough patent and non-patent literature search. Each patentability report includes a novelty assessment with respect to non-obviousness along with the novelty of the invention.

Search Coverage

We are one of the best patent search provider, with access to the most powerful patent and as well as non-patent databases, ensuring a worldwide coverage of 100+ jurisdictions.

Some of our key databases includes Questel Orbit, PatBase, STN, Google patents, Espacenet, USPTO, as well as many other national patent databases. The team also has access to numerous non-patent literature databases like, IEEE Xplore, Google Scholar, CiteSeer, ScienceDirect, Wiley’s Library, ACM Library, PubMed, etc (Know more about our Databases and search coverage)

Industry Context

Understand technology evolution in a specific sub-domain

Identify hot zone → specific timelines, geographies, academic research/ breakthrough

Search & Analysis

Prior art search (keywords, relevant classifications, search strings, assignees, inventors, citations)

Analysis & report preparation

Search Techniques

Semantic & Linguistic Search → Advanced Boolean search strings including synonyms of keywords for better coverage

Patent Classification Search → Identify best-fit classifications and build patent clusters

Citation Analysis → Search & analyze network of citations (both backward & forward references) & identify relevant patents within the technology landscape based on priority date

Attribute Clustering → Build Assignee-based & Inventor-based patent clusters to ensure exhaustive coverage of the patent landscape and find high-relevant prior art

Non-Patent Literature Search → Search & analyze relevant NPLs using Keyword and/or Assignee and/or Inventor based searching

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