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Remote Electronic Docketing

ExpertLancing offers remote docketing assistance to Clients worldwide. Docketing and record management can be a repetitive and time consuming work which is prone to human error and full of risk. Outsourcing of docketing function gives access to specialized talent pool of docketing experts, which leads to improved quality and reduction in cost spent on full time employees in administrative jobs. All important dates regarding patent application are properly docketed in advance and timely alerts are provided so that the client does not lose any time line

Prompt & Efficient Docketing Practice

Key Features

  • Highly experienced docketing paralegals proficient in multiple docketing software
  • Tasks docketed within 24 hours
  • Experienced in handling large portfolios over several years
  • Value-added services include periodic reports (directly from private PAIR) and automated and monitored deadline reminders


  • Save time
  • Flexibility to leverage our seasoned docketing paralegals in a variety of capacities as a backup support for your staff or for full outsourcing,
  • Ability for client to scale effortlessly
  • Lower cost
  • Reduce risk through higher accuracy and value-added alerts and reports
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