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We craft FTO searches guiding informed product launch decisions by uncovering patent intricacies and potential risks.

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FTO searches offer essential business information and are the foundation for valuable FTO opinions. Our distinctive approach in the industry guarantees that you have a clear understanding of your search choices and provides top-quality outcomes. We collaborate with you to customize the search according to your project's stage, whether it's in the early development or ready for launch.

FTO searches can reveal opportunities to design around existing patents, giving a competitive advantage. Also, Identifying and addressing patent issues early can save money on legal battles and potential damages.

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  • Global Coverage
    High Quality
    Quick Turn-around time (TAT)
    Customized Reports
    Knowledgeable Searcher
    Detailed Mapping

The industries we've supported thus far

  1. Automotive and Aerospace

  2. Electronics

  3. Pharma/Biotech

  4. Semiconductors

  5. Medical Devices

  6. Oil and Gas

  7. Metallurgy and Materials

  8. Food Technology

  9. Computer Networks

  10. Healthcare


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