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Why Choose Us for IP Consulting Solutions

Expertlancing holds a premier stand when it comes to providing IP related solutions worldwide. With our logical reasoning and knowledge of diverse technologies, we have been successful to carve out a special place amongst our clients.

Such solutions include prior art searching, licensing support, SEP (Standard Essential Patent) Services, Litigation grade analytics and multiple support services for IP (Trademark, Prosecution aspects, Illustrations, Patent Drafting, Proofreading and IP Docketing).

Experience the difference that expertise, global reach, and dedication can make in your intellectual property endeavors.

Patentability Search

Thoroughly focused and meticulously regulated patentability and novelty searches deliver the precise search parameters necessary for the evaluation of inventions or the drafting of patent applications.

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FTO Search

Start FTO searches by setting clear objectives and a search plan. Conduct a thorough search based on risk assessment to uncover potential patent infringement risks for your new offerings.

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Validity/Invalidity Search

We provide different ways to check if something is valid and perform a detailed search in stages using different methods, data sources, or languages.

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SEP Services

Standards aren't exclusive to the telecom industry, including technologies (5G, 4G, and 3G). The concept of standardization can be applied to any industry with potential for licensing.

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IP Licensing

Many companies have adapted their revenue models to incorporate IP licensing as a response to challenges like falling short of product revenue targets and evolving market dynamics.

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IP Support Services

Beside the searching and technical analytics services, we provide a blend of IP support services that have their own prominent significance.

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The industries we've supported thus far

  1. Automotive and Aerospace

  2. Electronics

  3. Pharma/Biotech

  4. Semiconductors

  5. Medical Devices

  6. Oil and Gas

  7. Metallurgy and Materials

  8. Food Technology

  9. Computer Networks

  10. Healthcare


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Accelerating IP Monetization for a Startup

A tech startup, had a small but promising IP portfolio. They faced the challenge of monetizing their intellectual property quickly to secure additional funding for research and development. However, with limited resources and expertise, they struggled to identify the most lucrative opportunities within their portfolio.


Discovering Unconventional Prior Art

At Expertlancing, we perform complex prior-art searches daily, but occasionally, we encounter cases that provide truly remarkable experiences and insights. One such case involved an invalidation search for a European patent related to motion vector prediction techniques in the video encoding/decoding domain.


Resolving Complex IP Litigation

Our client, a prominent player in the healthcare industry, found themselves entangled in a complex patent infringement lawsuit. Their key product was under threat, and their reputation was at stake. With millions of dollars in potential losses hanging in the balance, they needed a swift and effective solution.


Uncovering Killer Prior Art for a 5G Technology Patent

In the dynamic world of 5G technology and Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), we often encounter unique challenges that test our expertise. One such challenge was when we took on an invalidation case related to a 5G technology patent. Our client's goal was clear: find the closest prior art to invalidate a critical patent. The technology at the heart of the patent revolved around "numerology," specifically Subcarrier Spacing. To embark on this prior-art search effectively, understanding the core concept behind the patent was essential. This included grasping key inventors, assignees, critical classifications, and relevant keywords—a crucial step to ensure a productive search.


Navigating the Complex World of Standard Essential Patents

A standard, or a technical standard, in layman’s terms, can relate to fixed norms or requirements to implement or realize a product, process, system, etc. The basic idea behind standards is to maintain consistency throughout the globe when it comes to technical specifications for a particular technology.


Maximizing IP Value through Prior Art Searches

Our Client, a leading technology company, was facing challenges in effectively monetizing their intellectual property (IP) assets. They were unsure about the uniqueness and potential of their inventions. Additionally, they were concerned about potential litigation risks due to insufficient prior art searches.


Maximizing Revenue through Strategic Licensing

Our client, a prominent player in the technology industry, possessed valuable intellectual property (IP) assets but was struggling to maximize their revenue potential. Their existing IP licensing strategy was inefficient, resulting in missed opportunities and underutilized assets. The client sought to improve their revenue generation through strategic licensing.


Transforming IP into Revenue Streams

Our client, a pharmaceutical research firm, had made substantial investments in research and development, which had led to a strong intellectual property portfolio. Nevertheless, they encountered the issue of their IP assets being underutilized and were finding it challenging to fully capitalize on their investments..

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