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With patents and other IP assets becoming a thriving income source for large corporates as well as SMEs, it's time to shift your revenue model to include the aspect of licensing.

We have a diverse range of patent licensing/monetization services.

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IP licensing can apply to various forms of intellectual property, including
patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and more.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

This entails conducting a SWOT analysis (examining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of a patent portfolio associated with a particular assignee or technology domain. The primary objective is to identify standout patents with substantial licensing potential, those that could be highly marketable.

Patent Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio optimization, or the practice of patent pruning, becomes particularly essential when the goal is to reduce the expenses associated with maintaining a patent portfolio. In the context of patent pruning, we go beyond the standard assessment process and also take into account the risk of patent invalidity.

Infringement Search

The primary trigger for an infringement search leads to either a licensor sending a licensing proposal to potential licensees or initiating legal action in the form of an infringement lawsuit against them.
This includes activities such as reverse engineering, source-code analysis, and uncovering concealed product features to substantiate the case of infringement.

Evidence of the Claim Charts

This particular service requires a combination of advanced technical expertise and creative thinking.

Patent Infringement Monitoring

Effectively harnessing this service can open up new revenue streams for patent holders. By consistently monitoring both potential new infringers and existing ones, you can maximize the utilization and upkeep of your patent portfolio.

Patent Due Diligence

It essentially involves evaluating the patent portfolio of a target company or conducting an internal assessment of one's own portfolio with the aim of facilitating a business sale or licensing agreement.

Patent Acquisition

This represents the cornerstone of patent analysis within the field of intellectual property. When a company seeks to acquire a patent portfolio, the process requires a thorough comprehension of the products in question, categorization of the patent set (High, Medium, Low analysis), and the creation of meaningful Evidence of Use (EoU) charts for the most pertinent patents.

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