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Ensuring the validity and strength of a Standard Essential Patent (SEP) or a high-tech patent is crucial before considering a lawsuit. Beyond the traditional class and keyword-based approach, we also investigate the work of significant inventors or assignees in both the patent and non-patent domains.

SEP Portfolio Assessment

In many cases, the client simply shares the target company and the specific target technology (such as 4G, 5G, AV1, VP9, AAC, MPEG, Matter IoT) with us. We then proceed to identify and categorize the target portfolio accordingly.

SEP Claim Chart

SEP level claim charts serve as the cornerstone of our advanced technology services. It is used to demonstrate how the claims of a specific patent correspond to the technical specifications or requirements of a particular industry standard. These charts are used to illustrate the alleged infringement or the essentiality of the patent in question.

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Is One Word Keeping Your Patent from Being Standard Essential

Determining whether a patent is truly essential to a standard can be a perplexing and complex task. Out of the patents declared as standard essential, the ratio of actually essential patents to declared ones can vary dramatically, ranging from 10% to 80%. This wide variation can be confusing and challenging for companies seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of intellectual property and standards compliance. This is where our expertise comes into play, providing clarity and precision in assessing the essentiality of patents.


Navigating the Complex World of Standard Essential Patents

A standard, or a technical standard, in layman’s terms, can relate to fixed norms or requirements to implement or realize a product, process, system, etc. The basic idea behind standards is to maintain consistency throughout the globe when it comes to technical specifications for a particular technology.


Leveraging SEP Expertise

In the fast-paced world of technology, Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) have emerged as a critical aspect of innovation. Our client, a leading telecommunications company, faced a daunting challenge. They held a significant portfolio of SEPs but were struggling to maximize the monetization potential of these assets. Their existing strategies were falling short, resulting in missed revenue opportunities.


Mastering SEP Monetization

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, our client, a prominent electronics manufacturer, found themselves facing a significant challenge. They had identified a crucial component in their products that was essential to industry standards but was also covered by a complex web of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). Navigating this landscape was becoming increasingly challenging, leading to concerns about potential patent infringement claims and their impact on business operations.


Navigating the Complex World Of SEP

In an era of rapid technological advancements, Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) have become pivotal assets for companies across industries. These patents are essential for complying with industry standards, making them a valuable tool for market leaders. However, managing SEPs presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to licensing and compliance. Our client, a leading telecommunications company, faced a significant challenge in navigating the complex landscape of SEPs. With a substantial SEP portfolio, they needed a comprehensive strategy for licensing these patents while ensuring compliance with global standards. They sought a partner who could help them: <ul> <li>Identify and classify SEPs within their extensive portfolio.</li> <li>Develop a tailored licensing strategy that maximized revenue while fostering innovation and competition.</li> <li>Ensure compliance with international standards and regulations.</li> </ul>

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