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A range of IP support services that have their own prominent significance.

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Such services are furnished by experts in IP, law firms, government entities, and specialized organizations.

Trademark Search and Filing

Trademark searching is a critical step in the process of adopting a new brand name or logo. It involves conducting a thorough search to determine if there are any existing trademarks similar to the one you intend to use.

Patent Drafting and Filing

We have vast experience in drafting and filing patent applications at the WIPO/ PCT, IPO, USPTO, EPO and an in-depth understanding of the working style of patent offices for major jurisdictions.

Patent Illustrations

We have professional patent illustrators well-versed with tools including AutoCAD, TurboCAD, CorelDRAW, SolidWorks, Visio, etc. to ensure accurate drawings which are cost-effective and minimize office actions.

Office Action Response

We have trained paralegals and In-house Registered Patent Agents having diverse experience in managing Office Actions in various jurisdictions.

Patent Proof-reading

Professional proof-readers adept at visual inspection of all the illustrations and thorough inspection of specifications, claims, front page.

File Wrapper Analysis

Expert analysis of file wrapper to locate useful information such as examiners’ search strategy, key novel aspect, etc.

IDS Management

Inspecting IDS filing requirement, removing duplicate references by referring to previous filed IDS for application and IDS Preparation.

IP Docketing

IP docketing specialists proficient in multiple docketing software.

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