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Start-ups, Spinouts and SMEs

  • How We Help Start-ups, Spinouts and SMEs?
    • Protecting your innovation at early stages is all the more important for Start-ups, Spinouts and SMEs to counter threat of competition and ideas being stolen. For most people intellectual property matters are daunting at first. Our team can help you understand the complex legal and strategic issues related to Intellectual property protection.
    • Majorly, start-ups and spinout companies do not have any in-house experts. ExpertLancing team offers them complete intellectual property advice to help them understand their differentiation and build a roadmap to identify key Intellectual Property that is critical for them.
    • Our IP strategies are based on your innovation and its market potential, your company's business plan and customer base. This may lead to a patent search to advise you on the likelihood of patent filings and drafting.
    • As you make further innovations, we will help you to maximise the potential of your intellectual property assets considering the financial constraints of your business.