IP Technology Analytics & Business Research

At Expertlancing, we offer various kinds of technology analytics and business research services that can help in making strategic business decisions and driving growth/expansion plans.

Technology Landscape

Exhaustive of scientific (patent and non-patent) literature to garner key strategic insights

Market Research

Customized research and analysis to discover insightful market trends

Competitive Intelligence

In-depth analysis of competitor's portfolio, IP, and strategies


Comprehensive and specialized analysis of standard-essential patents (SEPs) in different technologies

IP Watch & Monitoring

Regular tracking and monitoring of IP assets of specific targets.

Technology Landscape & White Space Analysis

> Innovation Intelligence – understand insights related to innovation trends and    predictions
> Technology Landscapes – understand the complete technology space with    respect to drivers/trends/key players
> Whitespace Analysis – understand gaps in the available technology areas and    thereby gain first-mover advantage SWOT Analysis – from a technology stand-    point
> Problem-Solution Mapping – understand how the industry is solving critical    technological problems.
> Adaptive project methodology – we design a customized study approach for    each project depending on the end-objective of our Client and the technology    domain
> Significant domain expertise – Our team of experts have a profound ability to    analyse complex technical literature to generate actionable insights
> Easy to consume reports – Our landscape reports are well-laid out with distinct    sections that help the reader to easily grasp the key outcomes
> Actionable insights – Our landscape reports contain insights derived from an    intelligent amalgamation of technology/IP data and market/business data,    thereby    resulting in impactful and actionable insights
> Thorough manual analysis – Not everything can be automated; we believe in    manual analysis of patents (as per requirement) to locate hidden insights that    might be missed by an automated approach
> Time-efficient and budget-friendly services

Market Research & Business Intelligence

> Go-to-Market Strategy & Product Roadmap Strategy
> Market sizing and growth prediction / forecasting
> Analyzing Market Drivers & Metrics
   Opportunity Assessment - Understanding the marketability of an    invention/product
> Tactical support for Merger & Acquisitions
> Understanding the competition in terms of market penetration and potential
> Analyzing business drivers, growth prospects and probable disruptive trends    SWOT Analysis
> COMPETENT TEAM & CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: Our team of seasoned    market/business analyst rely on their wealth of industry experience and best    practices to define customized and innovative solutions for various    market/business research needs. We never use pre-defined templates or project    methodologies; our objective is to involve our Clients in designing a tailor-made    solution that fits the requirement.
> BEST PRACTICES & RESEARCH TECHNIQUES: We follow systematic project    life-cycle framework coupled with different research techniques such as desk-    research, primary research, secondary research, strategic technology research to    derive useful and actionable insights for our Client’s business problems.
> COMPLETE 360-DEGREE VIEW (and we mean it): With our in-house expertise    in analyzing complex technology concepts and IP trends, our objective is to blend    useful information generated from technology and innovation analytics with    related market/business trends, thereby generating a truly 360-degree view of    the domain.
> Complementing market insights with future technology trends can help in    making much more informed decisions about business growth and opportunities
> Time-efficient and budget-friendly services

Competitive Intelligence

> Understand the current and future plans of your competitors
   Benchmark yourself against your competitors on various factors
> Derive competitive advantage by analysing your competitor’s strategies
> Stay ahead of the curve by planning in advance with the significant insights    generated from competitive intelligence
> Gather important information on customers and other market factors that can    help in gaining competitive advantage.
> Our competitive intelligence reports are well-compiled to cover all facets of the    competitive landscape. With our in-house expertise in technology analysis and    market research, we have the ability to blend useful information to present highly    relevant competitive insights.
> We always design a customized study approach for each project depending on    the end-objective of our Client and the technology area.
> Our team of experts have significant knowledge of diverse technology areas and    business segments – we are adept at handling competitive landscapes in various    domains.
> We have proprietary methods for competitive benchmarking that covers all    kinds of IP and business assets / metrics
> Our competitive landscape reports are to the point and easy to consume.
> Time-efficient and budget-friendly services

SEP Analytics

> Standards Search – create winning defensive strategy against SEP assertions in    high stake litigation cases
> Standards Mapping - Identify gaps in existing SEP mapping charts of competitor    patents; Identify hidden SEPs from your portfolio, map your patents to standards,    and timely file IPR declarations
> Standard Essentiality Check - Avert paying off hefty royalty fees for a patent that    is in reality, n   ot a SEP; Streamline SEP negotiations over fair, reasonable, and    non- discriminatory (FRAND) terms
> Access to world-class databases for Standards’ technical literature and    specification, conferences, and journals
> Experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in 5G /4G Standards, we boast of    the most experienced SEP team in the industry
> Thorough analysis of 3GPP/ETSI Standards, 3GPP Meeting Documents, 3GPP E-    mails, Change Requests (CR) Documents etc.
> Our SEP essentiality check reports are well-supported by analyst comments to    simplify complex technical interpretations
> Trusted by major Law Firms in SEP and FRAND disputes
> We have supported corporate SEP licensing strategies by benchmarking their    portfolios with competitors, to propose in-licensing and out-licensing strategies
> Time-efficient and budget-friendly services

IP Watch & Monitoring / Technology Scouting

> Identify important technological innovations in a domain to keep track of    competitor’s R&D
> Locate relevant IP assets for in-licensing, acquisition, etc. to strengthen your IP    portfolio
> Identify key innovators, research institutes working on similar technologies for    collaboration opportunities for inorganic growth
> Keep track of technological improvements in a domain and make informed decisions    about licensing, technology transfer and investments.
> Accurate monitoring of patents from various jurisdictions
> Thorough analysis of non-patent literature to track latest technological    developments
> Comparative analysis to showcase the change in technology recent trends
   Customized reporting of collated information as per Client’s needs; clear    highlighting of updates in the monitoring period
> Weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and yearly monitoring of patents as    per client choice
> Experienced subject-matter experts capable of handling various technology    domains.
> Time-efficient and budget-friendly services
70 +
Technology Landscape
25 +
Market Research
4950 +
SEP Essentiality Check
50 +
Competitive Intelligence
25 +
IP Watch & Monitoring


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