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Technology Landscape and White Space Analysis

    • Patent Landscape report is a more comprehensive analysis of the State of the Art search to determine prospects for viable future research and business development areas. The report includes an in-depth analysis of the portfolios of key players in the technology field to assist our clients in avoiding infringement upon current patents and provide assistance in possible licensing opportunities. A landscape report analyzes patent and non- patent literature (worldwide) published in the specific time period requested by the client. The report discloses active key players, patenting trends and possible future developments relating to a specific technology. The report graphically represents the present trends of any given technology area.
    • Landscape report is an effective tool for conducting gap or white space analysis. Based on the white space analysis report, clients can prioritize their research programs and direct investments to paths less trodden by the key players in a given field, which have potential market value in order to build IP profile accordingly.