We offer comprehensive trademark search for the assessment of registrability of a trademark as well
as to find out infringement on a registered trademark in 100+ jurisdictions. We have access to
leading trademarks and industrial designs databases, both paid and free, such as Questel Orbit,
USPTO TESS, CTMO SISTM, Canadian Trademarks Database, eSearch plus, WIPO Hague Express etc.
The Comprehensive search includes:

An in-depth analysis of all registered as well as unregistered trademarks including pending or
cancelled trademark applications.
In case there are multiple registering authorities in the subject jurisdiction, a thorough
search in all official databases is conducted.
A meticulous study of WIPO Global Brand Database is conducted to identify applications
designating the subject jurisdiction.
A detailed common law search including domain name search is conducted.
An exhaustive search of all prominent unofficial databases is also a major part of our
comprehensive trademark search.


Our Knockout trademark search offers an in-depth search of registered trademarks as well as
pending or cancelled trademarks. Your mark’s similarity analysis is done to finalize what type of
trademarks can be considered as relevant to determine the registrability of your trademark. If there
are multiple elements in your trademark each element will be searched thoroughly to find similar
and confusing trademarks. Knockout searches are generally conducted in a single class, however the
choice of number of classes is customizable as per your need.



Your trademark is the face of your business, it represents the economic value and stability of your
enterprise. When counterfeiters steal your trademark, they steal the heart of your business. As your
business grows, the trademark management becomes a very essential task. We offer Common Law
search to find any prior use of a trademark or to spot online counterfeiting. Our infringement search

A detail oriented and careful search in all leading search engines.
Domain name search
Social media search,
A thoroughgoing search in business names & records of the related industry
Dedicated search in top newspapers
National Yellow Pages search


A trademark watch is monitoring of the market to prevent infringement on your registered
trademark as well as keeping an eye on newly filed trademark applications to make sure that no
identical or similar trademark gets registered. Our trademark watch service includes:

Analysis of the Relevant International Class.
Monitoring the status of abandoned and cancelled trademarks.
Analysis of newly filed trademark applications.
Common law search including domain name search.