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Universities and Technology Transfer

  • How We Help Universities and Technology Transfer?
    • We have the knowledge and experience needed to balance commercial goals with academic pressures to work effectively with you at all stages in the technology transfer process.
    • There is a likelihood university research is put to test, shared or talked about, however research should be protected before being communicated with the public in general.
    • Our team is capable of handling all aspects of analysis and drafting of patents, as well as managing of patent portfolios. Our Team has experts in all domains and we help our clients determine the breadth of patent claims to be written, assist them with marketing of their inventions and offer lists of potential licensees within an affordable price range.
    • Our team of patent professionals is well versed with patent laws and has technical background with years of experience in the field intellectual property rights. We can help you assess the patentability of your idea, understand the state of the art in relation to your idea and find the white space in a particular technology.
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