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Validity/Invalidity Search

    • A Validity/invalidity patent search requires extensive examination of the validity or invalidity of a patent in light of the prior art. This search determines the strength of a patent which can be useful for a client entering in licensing negotiations. A diligent Validity Search can boost a patent's commercial value in negotiations such as Licensing and selling of Patent.
    • An invalidity search is conducted to invalidate a competitor’s patent. The validity/invalidity search report includes the details of potential patent and non patent literature (along with bibliographic details) and mapping of the competitor patent claims to the relevant text of the potential literature. Further, legal aspects such as antecedent and enablement issues, non compliance to duty of disclosure, etc are also analyzed. ExpertLancing Team is has performed Validity/invalidity patent search in a wide gamut of areas such as, Electronics, Electrical, Information Technology, Computers, Mechanical, Automobiles, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bio-chemistry.