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What We Are Known For

  • We are known for maintaining extremely rigorous systems and procedures to ensure that we always deliver what our clients need, on time and at an acceptable cost with highest standards of quality. Our processes for monitoring incoming correspondence and controlling the quality of outgoing work are second to none. Our team approach means that the necessary expertise is always available to provide you with a full and timely response.
  • Through our rigorous feedback program, we found out what our clients and professional contacts have to say about us. We are proud to say that ExpertLancing truly stands out for:
  • Expertise:

    We have experts who are highly skilled and come from some of the top universities of India and abroad. People from these universities carry a rich balance of technical strength as well as analytical skills required for understanding every need of our client. Our team has a unique blend of techno-legal experts having advanced qualifications and relevant experience in their corresponding domains ensuring in-depth and thorough understanding of the concepts of technology as well as IP.
  • Turnaround Time:

    We are committed towards providing best quality analysis to our clients and follow a rigorous regime of client feedback system. With quality, we provide our clients with fastest possible turnaround time.
    Turnaround Time
  • Responsiveness:

    We strive to meet your schedules, even if it is outside of normal business days and hours. We assure an instant response to your query. Most emails are responded to within the hour and certainly within 24 hours.
  • Cost Effectiveness:

    We work hard to find meaningful value proposition for our clients. The team at ExpertLancing is able to provide highly balanced cost model without compromising on the quality.
    Cost Effectiveness
  • Flexible Engagement Models:

    We offer flexible engagement models tailored to suit the needs of independent patent practitioners, Law firms and organizations

    1. On-Demand (Quick Projects):

    On-demand model requires a project-by-project engagement commitment. This model is most suitable for clients with an irregular flow of work.
    In the On-demand model, the scope, methodology and templates are decided for each project before commencing project execution.

    2. Full Time Engagement (FTE):

    In this model, a particular number of analysts work as dedicated resources for the client. This engagement can be on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. FTE model is most suitable for clients with a regular workflow, as it helps in process standardization and efficiency improvement.
    Flexible Engagement Models
  • FTE Benefits:

    A) Significantly reduced charge rates

    B) Assured availability of resources.

    C) Quick turnaround time.
    FTE Benefits
  • Confidentiality:

    We understand the importance of confidentiality and data security. Keeping the information safeguarded, whether project related or client related, is our priority and we take every step to achieve that. We are open to execute an NDA's or Confidentiality agreement as per the client's requirement.